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WTS: M240 Various Parts - Rare Items

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Cleaning out my spare duplicates of M240 parts and have the following available:

1) FN M240 LH side plate and rails ..... Bought from Apex several years back, Excellent condition ......$2,000 

2) NEW Unused M240 RH top cover and RH feed tray.....Excellent Condition ......$1000 Sold

3) NEW M240 Bottom receiver frame/trigger mount ...... New and freshly parked ...... $1800

4) M240 Extended Charging Handle ....... $250 Sold

5) M240 Recoil Rod/Op Rod Assm ..... $150   Sold

6) New Style Bipod Legs (brand new) ...... $100

7) M240 Select fire trigger group (semi/Full) ....... $1200

8) M240 top cover with rail, complete with all parts ....... $1000

9)  M240/Mag58  - 80% chrome lined RH side plate ....... $2,000

Snag it before the Democrats do!!  All NFA rules apply! Shipping via USPS priority and will provide a shipping quote for what items you may be interested in prior to purchase.  USPS MO, Personal check, certified check are acceptable payment forms.  This is from my personal collection and just looking to make room for other projects.  I'm a no BS kind of fella so please don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.








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