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AK smith wanted; threaded barrel removal


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I highly recommend Mike Friend at The Firing Line in Wyandotte, OK (918-666-2788) because he is an SOT specializing in the AK platform.  He does have a long leadtime but it’s well worth it.  He did a Hungarian AK55 for me and that has the threaded barrel too.

As a second option maybe try Adam’s Automatics in Lawton, OK. I don’t know how comfortable he is w/ the AK but he did a really good job recently on an UZI for me


also, since your profile says that you are in Miami, FL you maybe should call Ruben (NFA Dealer . Com) and see if he recommends anyone local to your area. 

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The biggest problem I see with people threading AK barrels or doing what you want is they don't run very big lathes so have to either take everything off to single point it or they run it between centers.
I decided to do neither of those and just run a massive lathe so I can run the barrel in the headstock single point and indicate them in within about .0002.

Did four face mounts yesterday for Wolverines and pulled six more barrels today to either do 1/2x28 or 14x1 on peoples guns much like what you want.
You can do the 24mm blocks a few different ways either double thread them or take the 24mm completely off though.


More than welcome to thumb through a few of the jobs I post and see.

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