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Spitfire .45 troubleshooting


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I have a Spitfire .45 SMG that isn't feeding correctly.  The first round out of the mag will make contact with the bottom lip of the barrel (I see a dent / small crease or indentation of the line between the barrel and trunnion on the projo) then the bolt will shove it at an angle where the top of the projectile makes contact at 12 o'clock inside the barrel another dent on the projo and stops.  There is also a crease on the bottom of the brass where the bolt wedged the round inside the barrel at an angle.

It seems to me that this gun should have a feed ramp.  I've tried having the bullets feed at different angles by adjusting the feed lips on the magazine but to no avail. I've polished the crease between the barrel and trunnion as well.  The magazine catch doesn't seem to be worn and I've tried different mags and ammo. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.





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We had a feeding issue as you have described above. Ours came with mags three mags. All had feeding issues. 
We just started using the M3 factory Grease gun mags. End of feeding problems.

Upgrades would be to replace the bolt with a Grease gun bolt and, or machining a feed ramp and attaching it to the barrel.






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JPEG image.jpeg

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