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Live Russian M38 Mortar from WWII


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This is your opportunity to add to your collection an original 50mm light mortar the Russians used to defeat the German invasion of their Fatherland.  From its start in June of 1941, the Russian battle with the German Wehrmacht cost the lives of 20 million Russian citizens.  This enormous confrontation on the Eastern Front, consumed vast amounts of military assets Hitler would otherwise have used against the Allied and American forces.  This Model 38 Russian mortar, dated 1939, with a 1940 dated baseplate, was made before the German invasion and undoubtedly was used in much of that terrible four year conflict. This M38 mortar is all original, has an excellent bore, shows no signs of ever having been deactivated, and is Curio and Relic eligible.  Its finish appears to be original, and it employs a unique ranging system that bleads off combustion gas for close-range shots.  This Russian Mortar is classified as a destructive device and can only transfer to a C&R license holder or a licensed destructive device dealer, manufacturer or importer in your state, who will then transfer it to you.  The transfer procedure is the same as transferring a suppressor, requiring the $200 transfer tax and other documentation.  $4500 plus shipping. Email sales@fullautoclassics.com or call 575-405-0911.  Thank you.

2 2845 MT ID.jpg

3 2845 FOLDED a.jpg

4 2845 BORE.jpg

5 2845 FRONT VIEW.jpg

6 2845 serial no.jpg

7 2845 BASEPLATE ID.jpg

8 2845 RT UPPER VIEW.jpg

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