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LIVE M203 Grenade Launcher


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Live, fully transferable, fully operational M203 40MM grenade launcher, to be mounted on M4 carbine, as pictured.  THE M4 IS SHOWN FOR DEMONSTRATION ONLY AND IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE.  This low serial number (23) grenade launcher was manufactured in to US Govt specifications by AIRTRONIC USA, Chicago area, government weapons contractor, in 2008.  It functioned perfectly using USGI inert 40mm Practice Ammunition.  Videos are available, please email sales@fullautoclassics.com to receive them.  This weapon is lots of fun to shoot with the blue projectile Practice Ammunition.  Included are the two sighting systems shown in the photographs, the front barrel shroud and all mounting hardware.  $6500

This is classified as a destructive device and can only transfer to a licensed destructive device dealer, manufacturer or importer in your state, who will then transfer it to you.  The transfer procedure is the same as transferring a suppressor, requiring the $200 transfer tax.  For questions, Email sales@fullautoclassics.com or call 575-405-0911.

1 203 LEFT FULL.jpg

2 203 LEFT OPEN.jpg

3 203 PART NO.jpg

4 203 RT FULL.jpg


8 203 RT CLOSED.jpg

7 203 RT OPEN.jpg

6 203 LEFT FORWARD.jpg

9 203 UPPER ID.jpg

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