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B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator Waist Gunner Flexible Mount


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One of the most difficult WWII bomber aircrew jobs was the Waist Gunner’s.  He defended one side of the aircraft with a single 50 caliber Browning machinegun in a flexible mount.  Most of these gun mounts were scrapped with the planes at the end of the war. This example, a Bell Aircraft Corporation version, serial number T 18462, has been expertly restored by Dan Spears, a former Navy pilot. The pictures show Dan’s perfection and workmanship.  $6500 delivered.  Email sales@fullautoclassics.com or call (575) 405-0911.  Thank you.

3 forward .jpg

7a Bomber Waist Gunner.jpeg

2 Right View Overall copy.jpg

4 Name Tag - Bell Aircraft .jpg

5 Name Tag - serial number.jpg

6 Receiver Housing interior b.jpg

7 Reflex Sight forward .jpg

9 Left View.jpg

10 Top View Overall.jpg

11 Bottom View.jpg

12 Feed Chute Mag Attachment copy.jpg

13 Grip Assembly.jpg

14 Left View Overall.jpg

15 Mount & Feed Chute.jpg

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