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Post Samples Wanted


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M6 has the following Post 86 machine guns for sale:

ALL REQUIRE LAW ENFORCEMENT LETTERS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Single unit price


H&K G36 KE3, 5.56mm caliber (2)                                             $8,000


H&K 33A2, 5.56mm caliber (3)                                                  $6,000


H&K UMP sub machinegun in 45 ACP caliber (1)                      $12,000     


H&K G3, 7.62 x 51-This is an early G3 manufactured in 

1966 by H&K FMP in Portugal (2)                                              $4,000


H&K MP5  9mm with accessories (3)                                        $5,500


H&K MP5N 9mm with accessories (2)                                       $6,000                                                    

Beretta PM-12 S 9mm sub machine gun (4)                             $4,500


FN FAL Caliber 7.62 x 51 made in Herstal, Belgium. 

With Bipod. (4)                                                                           $4,000


The above Post 1986 dealer samples all require a “Law Enforcement Demonstration Letter” in order to receive an approved transfer from BATF.  We will help you with this letter. Once you receive the Post 86 gun, you do need to demonstrate it to the government agency providing you with the LE Letter, and you need to document you have done so, with video, a letter from the agency, or otherwise.


M6 is a Type 10 Manufacturer, however all of these Post 86 registered MGs are original, factory selective fire - full auto.  None are conversions.


Please email  sales@fullautoclassics.com with your phone number and which firearm you are interested in.  We will call you back in 48 hours.

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I have some German 08 maxim machine guns advertised, but I don’t have an M 60. I’ve got a transferable BAR that I’ll post shortly and some destructive devices. And a Vickers is also posted currently.

and I have some post 86 modern guns, police department trade ends, but they will require a a law-enforcement letter.

Michael at M6

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