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SPF: RPB/MAC M11 380 SMG WITH LAGE UPPER $7000 - Form 4 - Maryland

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On a Form 4 in Maryland - SPF

  1. RPB/MAC M11, 380 SMG
    1. The original upper receiver has a new barrel from US Machine Gun w/ 200 rounds through it
  2. LAGE Max31a MK2 upper receiver with w/ 500 rounds through it:
    1. Included with 1 VBS still in original packaging.
    2. LAGE K-grip attached to upper included.  
  3. LAGE small magazine well pistol grip.
  4. Original grip factory grip.
  5. LAGE fixed 8 7/8" buttstock
  6. C-More aluminum bodied sight - OPTIONAL for $250
  7. 6 x stick mags (2 x Cobray Marked) AND 5 Suomi Drums included. MD buyers will need to be LE or have them sent out of state. 

Buyer is responsible for their $200 NFA tax. We will cover the $200 tax to get it out of state if required.

Contact: info@tridentrifles.com

Update 1: Included some better photos of the accessories. Also threw in some extra drum mags.







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Update 1
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