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WTS very nice HK21 Belt Fed with lots of extras $33,995.00

Brent Bowman

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HK21 Belt Fed Machine Gun, $33,995.00

This HK21 is built on a registered German Made HK91 receiver and is transferable on a form 4 in Idaho. The HK21 was originally built by Volmer and I had RDTS re-cut the cocking slot for an HK21E buttstock, add an HK21E carry handle, add an HK21E forward assist, machine the bolt carrier and spare bolt carrier for the forward assist, add optics mounting tabs to the top of the receiver, add belt box mounting slots, and modify both feed mech sprockets so that they work very well with both M13 (M60) disintegrating links and German non-disintegrating belts. RDTS also refinished the entire gun, extra barrel, extra belt feed assembly, and extra complete bolt carrier assembly.

This HK21 is in very nice condition and has only been fired a couple of times since I sent it to RDTS to be refinished, so it looks fantastic. The HK21 runs very well and it is currently set up with a # 17 locking piece and the hk21e buttstock\buffer so it fires at a really nice rate with minimal recoil, and it is nice, smooth and very controllable to fire.

Spare Parts That Come With the HK21

  • RDTS 120 round beltbox that connects directly to the HK21 receiver

  • Two extra barrels, one extra barrel was finished by RDTS to match the HK21, and the other barrel is a new spare.

  • Extra barrels come in a Woodland Camo hot barrel bag. (The barrel bag is US surplus made for M240 or M249 barrels)

  • Complete extra belt feed assembly refinished by RDTS to match the HK21. Test fired covered with duct tape so there are no belt wear marks on the feed mech.

  • Complete extra bolt assembly machined for forward assist.

  • Two extra bolt heads, one made by HK and the other new FMP still sealed in plastic bag.

  • Two extra firing pins, one with spring.

  • Extra FMP locking piece.

  • Several extra extractors with springs.

  • Extra Ejector.

  • A bunch of extra new feed mech Parts, and a few other miscellaneous HK21 parts.

  • Original HK 21 stock, buffer, recoil spring assembly and pistol grip.

  • HK made HK21E forward assault grip.

  • Also included is an example of a 50 round non-disintegrating German belt with starter tab set up for use in an HK21. German non-disintegrating belts and M13 disintegrating links are both cheap and easy to find. The non-disintegrating German belts can be set up in different lengths and configurations and are nice because they are easy to reload and you don’t have to pick up a bunch of links.

Use the photo bucket link below to see pics 

Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Thank You,

Brent Bowman





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