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Sig 516 Factory AR15 Pistol with HK-416 Extra's | Like New | **Reduced Price**

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I have a Like New with less then 100 rounds shot down the pipe since I bought this New back in 2014, Sig Sauer 516 Factory AR15 Pistol. I have the box and everything that came with it from Sig. This Sig has the 10.3" Piston Driven Barrel with AAC 51T BrakeOut upgrade. I also installed a set of HK-416 Diopter Sights that are the Correct 10.3" barrel version. I upgraded the Trigger with a Geissele SD-E Trigger and I put an Early HK-416 Grip on this Awesome little Pistol. The Sig 516 is the same Quality as the HK-416 at a cheaper price. I have this Pistol looking like an HK-416 and it shoots Super Accurate with No Issues.



HK-416 Diopter Sights $400
HK Grip / Tango Down. $50
Geissele SD-E Trigger. $220
AAC 51T BrakeOut. $150
SB A3 Pistol Brace. $150

So almost $1000 in Upgrades and a Like New Sig Sauer 516 AR15 Pistol.

Awesome Sig Sauer Piston Driven Pistol here, with Factory box as well.


Only $2500 Shipped.


*****Reduced to Only $2200 Shipped minus the AAC 51T Brake*****.  ( I will install the original Sig A2 Flash Hider back on.)








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Final Bump.

This is an Awesome little Tactical AR15 that is on Par with the H&K-416. Don't pay $9K for an HK 416 Upper when you can have this for a fraction of the price.

I will just keep this if it doesn't sell in the next 5 days.


Last Chance.

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