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How M60s were issued to the Military / Sold from Saco Defense


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 For my fellow M60 enthusiasts….  Some information on how Saco Defense, the US Military Supplier of the M60, sold these guns and how they were received by the Military...... As all of you know, prior to the 1986 ban you could order these from Saco Defense, which in and of itself is amazing.

   Below are photos of how they left the factory. The silver paper is an anti corrosion wrap / packing material. The gun itself would also be wrapped in this.....  The box would contain:

- The gun itself

- Primary Barrel

- Spare Barrel

- Cleaning / Maintenance kit

   The packing material inside consists of Anti Corrosion wrap, wood, and heavy cardboard inserts. Each part dated and stamped. Extremely well put together shipping boxes... This one is dated March 1983... If you have M60 parts and they have a white powdery finish look to them, it is usually from this protective wrap. Also a good sign that they have never been used.


Sorry for the watermarks.... to many scammers snagging photos and trying to rip people off.


Aaron - Mohnton, Pa











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