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Perhaps wrong forum, but are 50BMG Raufoss legal to sell?

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In an abundance of caution I called ATF re legality of owning possessing Mk211 Raufoss rounds. I am an FFL/SOT and I mentioned to the investigator that my understanding was that these were not regulated as they did not meet the thresh-hold of being a Destructive Device. I got a call back about an hour later and the gentleman said he had spoken to a Specialist and he reported that indeed these rounds were not restricted by BATF. He was curious about how many I was selling. We had a good long chat about the gun biz, family and other stuff.

As further precaution, I went and had one of the rounds x-rayed. It's appearance is same as other x-ray pics I have seen of the Mk211. That is pulled ball projectile below the Raufoss.


Raufoss2 (600x800).jpg

Raufoss3 (1)1024_1.jpg

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