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M3 grease gun receiver treatments?


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This might be a silly question, but does anyone know specifics related to the manufacture of M3/M3A1 grease guns, particularly if the receiver was heat treated in any way, or if it was just a simple welded stamping? It seems the bulk of the stress in one is handled by the guide rods and front trunnion, but that is only based on casual observation and assumption on my part.


Also, does anyone have either an exampke or photos of an armorers kit for these rigs, and if so did it include a swage or something similar to press dents out of the tube if it should be damaged in the field that might impede bolt movement, or was it so disposable to was simply discarded when any amount of damage was incurred? I know there were lots of field expediant repairs made tl M3s when the cocking mechanisms failed or were damaged.



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