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WTK: Just wanted to know value of an value of a Group Industries Stainless Steel M16A1


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WTK: What is the general market value of a Group Industries Stainless Steel M16A1 marked lower? Granted this is not a Colt M16A1. Under license, Group Industries had a run of receivers. This in particular was from a limited run of 800 Stainless Steel made type. Just a general inquiry. Thanks for looking….

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4 hours ago, gamebit21 said:

Thanks for the reply Thumpy. As I said just a

general  inquiry…. The one caveat that is always good about that type is no hole wear for the take down pins. If you use titanium push / click type pins for example, I think this type of lower would outlast us all. 

A simple AL lower will outlast all of use.  I have a ar15 lower with prob 80-100k on it, 3 different barrels 4 calibers, and the pin holes are fine.  A ss lower does not make it better. There are rentals that have 100k plus, and the lower is still going (with new springs, etc). 

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     I appreciate all the great info so far. So they are Picasso. It a shame that some one could not have taken a little pride in their work. 

     The personal round count testimonials, and the round count on rental ones is amazing. The rentals definitely would show the first signs of wear and tear and abuse. I guess the alloys are tougher than they sound….

     I just thought that since I am like a swap o matic and a have a plethora of M16 uppers, having the strongest could not hurt. Also I will be burning allot of ammo in a shrike upper.

     eMGunSlinger, I understand some being out of spec, and you did some repairs specifically too one. If I may ask, how did you “break” one? I mean are we talking like a crack or broke into pieces? Was it a kaboom? Pin shear? Or maybe the stainless steel had imperfections in the 

material? I do know there is torsional, expanding, shearing stresses for example. Just curious? I guess X-Ray Proofing is in order….


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