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Class 3 Ins and Outs


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I am a newbie Class 3 SOT.  I receive emails from Midwest Tactical and others describing all manner of mysterious NFA weapons for sale.

I know what a Law Letter is.  I know what a Dealer Sample is.  I understand Pre '86.

Most of the other jargon bounced around on these sites leave me scratching my head.  I don't wish to pester these guys with silly questions that I can look up myself - I just don't know a dependable place to look.



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23 hours ago, Ryo said:

You can PM me if you want it quiet.. Otherwise I would just post here.

Most of us are non judgemental.. Wait I take that back. LOL

As yet another new-ish FFL/SOT, I have a question that I haven't seen a good answer to before - perhaps I could take you up on some of that wisdom!


Not that I'm planning on shutting my business down, but I have never seen a documented process for how to begin selling off the businesses inventory (I.E. post samples) once the determination is made to not renew.

1) What time period is given to sell off samples - I'm assuming this needs to be done while your SOT is still active, which means you're doing it while still technically a viable NFA business?

2) Does any sort of paperwork need to be submitted (either with the form 3's or ahead of time) notifying that you will not be renewing your SOT?

That process seems to be a bit clouded in mystery for me. I'm not planning on shutting my business down, just have been curious on how this would take place.



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Back in the day (90s) Dan Shey from Long Moutain Outfitters published the Machine gun dealers bible. It was a godsend to me getting into the wide world of NFA. It had everything I needed to know. That is no longer available. However ATF has stepped in to solve the problem.

This is what you need it will answer most of your questions.

National Firearms Act Handbook


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