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GA-Precision GAP-10 in .308 Caliber. Like Brand New ***SPF***


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I have an early 2013 (Gen-1) GA Precision GAP-10 in .308 caliber up for sale. I purchased this New from a Collector about a year ago and I have put only 61 rounds Total down the pipe and its still As New. I did the Very Painstaking barrel break-in process with shoot 1 round and totally clean the barrel for the first 10 rounds fired.(Then totally clean the entire rifle) I than cleaned the barrel after each 3 shot group for the next 21 rounds.(Then totally clean the entire rifle) So for the first 31 rounds fired it had the proper barrel break-in procedure as per GA-Precision which helped make this GAP-10 a Tack Driver. After that for the next 30 rounds fired I would shoot 10 rounds and then totally clean the entire rifle. This GAP-10 shoots Lights Out and is Like Brand New.

The earlier Gen-1 Rifles were built a Hell of a lot better than the newer Gen-2 version Rifles as GAP was making a name for themselves and payed attention to Detail and Quality in the early years. Plus the Gen-1 version is no longer available and was replaced with the Gen-2 model which is of Lesser Quality and not as accurate.

This GAP-10 has the Tightest receiver lock up that I have ever seen with No Play or Wobble whatsoever, and Perfect color match up between receivers. This Rifle is Perfect and Absolutely Like Brand Spanking New. It will come with the actual customer order receipt, GAP Build Sheet, and round count booklet, along with documents for proper barrel break in. Everything that came with it from GAP. Shipped in a Custom Hard Shell Case. Awesome Rifle here, and Extremely Rare to find a Gen-1 GAP-10 (Like-NIB).....

Comes with a 20" Bartlein Match barrel with 1x11.25" twist rate, Geissele SSA-E Trigger 2 Stage Match Trigger, Threaded Barrel with Badger FTE Brake, MagPul PRS Gen-2 Stock, 2-PMags and Hard Shell Rifle Case.

You will not be disappointed with this GAP-10 as these Gen-1 GAP-10 rifles are very hard to find, especially in this condition. ( Rare Find here. )

These are the absolute Most Accurate Semi Automatic Sniper Rifles made.

Price is $5500

*Reduced to Only $4900 Shipped*



Watch the video below to see just how amazing these GAP-10 rifles really are.



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I just got an unexpected bill and I really need to sell this Awesome Tack Driver.

***Reduced to $4500 Shipped and Insured***

5 Shot Group below measures .30" center to center at 100 yards. Can be covered with a dime. This Rifle Hammers.

You will not find a nicer GAP-10 out there.  Tactical Perfection.


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