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Japanese type 92 hmg new barrel insert 7.62x51.


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My Japanese 92 hmg barrel had a .308 insert in the barrel when I bought the weapon. I always had under-gassing issues with the Weapon, it would never function properly. Took the 92 to Colby Snyder of salt fork armory in Tonkawa Oklahoma. He ran a scope down the barrel and said the barrel had little to no riffling left. That along with the .308 bullet which is smaller than the original 7.7 jap round, it was no wonder the weapon would not function. Coby made a special insert cutter for his lathe, chucked the barrel into the lathe and slowly bored the barrel out. He said this process was very time consuming and even a small inaccuracy would eventually bore though the side of the barrel, ruining the entire barrel. After successfully boring through the barrel he took 2 new Israeli .308 chrome lined Browning 1919 barrels and turned them down to .001 over the size he bored through the jap barrel. This produced a nice press fit. He then cut the barrels in half, threaded the ends so they could screw back together using red loctite and used his borescope to ensure the rifling would line up properly. He pinned the .308 barrel to the 92 barrel and drilled the new gas hole. This was neither a cheap process nor a quick one but MY 92 FINALLY FUNCTIONS WITHOUT ISSUE!!!!! Not to mention I highly doubt that I will ever wear out a .308 Israeli chrome lined barrel. The cherry on top: I can shoot easily obtainable 7.62x51 Nato verses reloading 7.7 jap!


EDIT: I tried to post the images below, but I am not sure what I did wrong. If you copy and paste them to the search bar they will pull up in a new window.

file:///C:/Users/User/Desktop/IMG_20220807_131254 (3).jpg

file:///C:/Users/User/Desktop/IMG_20220807_131317 (1).jpg

file:///C:/Users/User/Desktop/IMG_20220807_131313 (2).jpg

file:///C:/Users/User/Desktop/IMG_20220807_131305 (1).jpg

file:///C:/Users/User/Desktop/IMG_20220807_131309 (1).jpg



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