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Handi guns estate


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So a local auction had both a H&R 410 handi gun and a 28 ga. Essex handi gun.  It is a online auction.  I finally got them to answer the phone.  I asked if the guns had paperwork, she said yes.  They mentioned it was the estate of a deceased male and the woman just wanted every gun gone.  I asked who the paperwork said was the registered owner, and got at first a blank stare.  Then the answer that this state doesn’t require guns to be registered.  I kindly explained that both of those guns needed to be in procession of the executor of the estate until it can be determined if they are registered.  The guns disappeared from the action moments later.  I would really like the 28 gauge.  Is there anything I could do to assist the widow?  I understand that some have separated the barrel from the action while waiting to find out if registered.  If not registered, then some have applied on a form 1 to make a AOW then after approval applied the lettering and put the barrel back on.   Again, just to be clear, I have no idea who the widow is or where the 2 guns are now.   

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