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WTS: Transferable Blow Out Extravaganza!! NIB PS M10/45


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Thanks for looking at the below transferable list I am looking to part with from my collection.  All are unfired by me and all are on a F4 in PA. These have been in my collection for the past few years and I’m looking for good homes for them.  These are pristine items of which you will be hard pressed to find anything in better condition out there.  Thus, tire kickers and photo collectors please don’t waste my time and I won’t waste yours!  I have ~650+ positive feedback on gunbroker and a local dealer for reference/assistance in transfer if needed.  All deals are required to be paid for in full and I will then promptly start the paperwork to your dealer or if you’re a PA resident we can do a in-state single stamp transfer.  I will cover the first stamp for any transfers (In-state or out of state).   Shipping to be paid for by the buyer of the exact amount charged by the shipping group/shipping method that the buyer chooses to utilize.  Please IM for any details, additional photos, or questions.

Thanks again for looking!!


  NIB Powder Springs M10/45.  Comes with original box as shipped in 1973 from MAC.  Original paper that the gun was wrapped in included with sale but is torn etc.  Includes hanger strap and mag loader that came with it when I purchased it. 

a.      Priced at $12,000 $11,500



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Sure - the M10/45 has a ink stamped pack date on the original box label of Jun 21 1972 but does not list a manufacture date on the original box label.  It's serial starts with 1-3, thus making it a 1973 as I understand per what I've read as pasted below.

All of the Powder Springs guns I've seen had two single digits separated by a dash, a space, than a 6-digit number. For example "1-2 003222"

The first number represents the caliber:


The second number represents the year of manufacture:

It may be better explained in the "Mac Man" book by Frank Iannamico if you have a copy.  That's usually the reference I refer to when I have a question.  

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Hey, thanks man I appreciate the info. The date stamped on the box is usually the correct DOM. I have the Mac man book. It’s my understanding that generally most of the powder springs guns were manufactured in the year before they are coded for. I had guessed based on the numbers in the Mac book this gun should of been a July ‘72 manufacture gun, so late June is damn close. That likely makes my gun made roughly August ‘72. So it’s likely awful close to C&R right now and yours already should be. Have a good one, and good luck on the sale. I wish I was in the market. 

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