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Factory Bulgarian Arsenal Arm14F tri railed hand guards, Arsenal railed uppers. Discount for paid members

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xaozhn.jpgxqzo6w.jpgxaozhn.jpgxaozhn.jpg95523674-ED4B-47E6-9BBC-02B149233BB6.jpegA1F92EF4-743E-45E0-BB4F-E69E69F74F3C.jpegB611746F-3456-46F6-8D5A-9E60782529F7.jpeg2D6B30CF-114B-4389-8432-360E21D2C187.jpeghttps://imgdump5.novarata.net/xqzo6w.jpgBulgarian Arsenal tri railed Arm14F lowers are available $165 +5.25 shipping Arsenal Arm14F railed uppers in hand ready to ship. $90 Shipped USPS. ))) , Get these while they are here they go fast,
These are costing more to import and difficult to get shipped in and I’ve had to raise the price, sorry. \\\ The Arsenal plant in Bulgaria was destroyed so these are now super hard to get ahold of.
They fit the AR-M1 . AR-M9F . SAM7SF . AR-M4 SF . SAM7K . SAM7R . SLR-101 . SAM5
Payment by PayPal friends and family Discreet. PP . NO RETURNS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES IN SHIPPING THEY ARE ALL PHOTOGRAPHED BEFORE SENDING, new in the plastic, I almost always ship same day payment is sent



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