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I get stuff from Europe for personal use and tend to do a form 6 import about every 9 months.  The ATF has changed what it accepts and I adapt accordingly. This is what I have learned from my various denials.

The ATF wants form6's filled out for any MG part, even if it is below the $100 threshold.

When importing a parts set, the ATF wants each part listed.  They will not accept "bolt carrier group", or "fire control group".

When importing an "AR" type upper receiver the ATF always asks for a photo to clarify the role of that part.

The ATF does not accept unknown or unclear manufacturers' names.

Even if the import is personal, the ATF wants your FFL number on the form 6 (if you have one).

When denied, the applicant is invited to phone the examiner and is given their direct line.  The examiners are helpful but tend to not be knowledgeable or are careful in what they share.

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