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Looking to utilize an FFL/SOT software for the new business.  I wanted some opinions on likes/dislikes.  I know there is never a perfect software, but some work better with dealing with NFA Items.  PM me if you are uncomfortable with posting.  Just looking for some advice.  Thanks in advance.


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Fast bound has been good for me. A few distributors have it so I get email/updates when a inbound is on the way. They have decent support,  some quirky things I don't like about it (cant delete manf data or calibers once its in there so you have a mile long list to sort through), but they do have good CS. The best thing about it, is it looks like you have one big bound book, but it sorts it into manf/nfa/etc. You just select what it is and it keeps the correct book for you.  Once you get repeat customers/ffls it literally takes 15 seconds to input new items


AFA business expense I use excel to keep track of taxes/money,  BUT Im pretty good with it.


Bluedog for credit cards. Expensive for what it is, but they are one of the few that accept small ffls





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Ms access with change tracking or excel with a vba program to track changes that can not be turned off from the workbook creation time has worked for several audits one just 2 months ago.  Creates a change log entry anytime data changes. So the initial blank line does not create a entry bit if.you mess up a.caliber mfg anything after it's entered it will put a log entry in the protected change long that.can only.be viewed and not modified or deleted.

Downside is you have to maintain origional and a backup on a server you own.  So I use a myhome.cloud hard drive that I own for backup. 


Not sure cost of the above software cost any ideas on thier cost I'd  be open to something I don't have to maintain might be nice to try something diffrent

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