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3 Upper SWD M11-A1 Large Mag Well


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**Off Market**

Selling my transferable large mag well SWD M11-A1 with the following:

  • All original M11-A1 parts including upper, stock, bolt assembly, sear, and so on
  • Lage Max-31k Upper Receiver
  • Lage Max-11A1/9 mk2 Upper Receiver
  • Lage K-Folding Stock
  • Lage K-Grip
  • Lage Magazine Release
  • Lage Molded Grip
  • Lage Internal Safety Slide
  • Lage Extended Safety
  • Lage Hardened Sear
  • Spare Lage Ejector Rod for Max-31k Upper Reciever
  • Two tri/3 lug adapters, one for each upper
  • 30 round Shockwave ZMAG magazine for each upper

This represents a well cared for reliable shooter, with the Max-31k upper clocking in around 650-700 RPM and the Max11A1/9 mk2 closer to 850 RPM.  Running a suppressor will speed up either upper.  The gun is in excellent working order and has lived in a humidity and climate controlled vault with the rest of my collection.  I am currently on the waiting list for the MAX-11A1/15 .223/5.56 upper and would be happy to pass my position onto whoever buys this gun.  Gun is currently on a Form 4 in Pennsylvania.





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