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Some Sturmgewehr members very unreliable when buying on forum.

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5 hours ago, Bd_p98 said:

I have noticed too this behavior has really increased on GB also. I’m kinda surprised now when someone promptly pays. 

Paying promptly for an item purchased of one's own free will? What will they think of next? 

In all seriousness, we should always remember that gun boards are a subset of society at large. It stands to reason that if society at large has a significant number of dirtbags, we will start to see more of them here, too. That said, gun people are still the best people.

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I can understand if life gets in the way and things slip through the cracks, I mean we are all human....but when someone goes out of their way to try and close a deal, only to be ghost'd...yeah thats bullshit.  Communication is key in all of this.  Few weeks ago I was hit by a major storm and lost power for a week.  It put me way behind on getting customer guns built.  I contacted them all and I was shocked with the replies, they all basiclly said the same things:

"don't worry about it, family comes first" 

"take care of what you need and get back to it when you can"

" thanks for the update, can I help?"


That says a lot for this hobby and its people.  So yeah I hate when people can't make good on closing deals.

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This hobby/profession (like all others) has a certain GFF (Goofy Fu*cker Factor). See them at gun shows, gun shops, and on GB when I say no sale to zero feed back bidders, no personal checks, and no sale to prohibited states and a new zero feedback bidder wins, and sends me a personal check from a prohibited state. Irritating, but a part of our thing. 

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