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Any Challenges to NFA, GCA and FPA with new ruling


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Anything in the works to challenge the NFA, GFA and FPA with the new ruling?  Based on the ruling, I'm pretty sure GFA and FPA can fall b/c of age.  I think there will be some resistance in the NFA community by those who want to protect their status and money put into their collections.  I have a bit, but willing to see the value decrease in order to start importing fun stuff from overseas and being able to build own stuff at home. 


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I think the sleeper case will be West Virginia v. EPA (Anticipated ruling tomorrow from SCOTUS but who knows)


In West Virginia, it was argued that the executive branch exceeded its constitutional executive powers by engaging in legislation. (ie. Executive branch asserting power delegated to the Legislative branch)  


This could have a huge impact on Executive agencies (EPA/IRS/ATF&E)



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3 hours ago, riflejunky said:

There is a case in Jacksonville Florida also. The thing is I don’t see how they are going to get anywhere as the NFA was a creation of Congress. 

I unfortunately agree with you… there was a case last year a fella was arrested for having an illegal gun an his lawyer made the argument that the goverment deprived him from being able to pay the tax etc(I’m not a lawyer his lawyer worded it better) have not heard anything else about it… that was the only case I think could of made something…

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Saw the autokey card case.  Think he has a chance case is bs to begin with so might be a problem for government. It's an interesting defense to a very shakey case to begin with.  Unless they found unfinished links or something thenight be game over.  If not  Bet  that it gets dismissed vs going up to appeals to risk setting a precedent. 

For this to be any use he would have ton get convicted and appeal which sucks for him to have a chance to overturn anything or set a precedent.  

But wish the best of luck to him

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