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Converting a M10 into a dealer sample machine gun


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I have a very nice RPB Industries M10 that I would like to make into a host gun.  Would I be able to just manufacture the trip into the machine gun itself and form 2 that with the ATF? 

For 10/22's I have done just the bolt and in the description field I have written "bolt machined to to fire automatic"  and similar with HK trigger packs. All were approved.  Would the ATF approve machining the trip of the M10 to fire automatic so I could keep the gun as a host only?

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I'm assuming the you have an open bolt semi.

If that is the case, you can register a bolt as the MG.

One of the old conversion booklets said that all you have to do is eliminate the area on the bolt that actuates the trip.

Get a replacement bolt to chop, don't mess up the original.



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