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WTS: S.W.D. M11/9 & M11/15 machinegun pkg REDUCED $13,750


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I am selling another fully transferrable S.W.D. M11/9 submachinegun along with a Lage MK2 3 lug upper, Lage collapsible stock, folding foregrip, and one 9mm Z-mag.  This is as close to a MP7 as youre going to get, and an excellent 9mm.  I threw the flip sights and optic pictured on for the pictures and they are not included. 

Included with this M11/9 is a unfired Lage 5.56 M11/15 upper with the printed manual and IRM (internal spring mechanism instructions). 

I do not wish to part the items and the M11/9 is on a form 4 in Ohio.  REDUCED TO $13750 for the package.

Feel free to check my old posts to see what I have sold in the past and I have attached pictures for this ad.    

IMG_20220530_150118067.jpgIMG_20220530_144534239.jpgIMG_20220530_144539984.jpgIMG_20220530_144543216.jpgIMG_20220530_144545731.jpgIMG_20220530_144607488.jpgIMG_20220530_144652948.jpgIMG_20220530_144657157.jpgIMG_20220530_144659564.jpgIMG_20220530_144701906.jpgIMG_20220530_144638143.jpgIMG_20220530_152654771.jpgIMG_20220530_150118067.jpgplatform thanks to Lage.  The IMG_20220530_150051709.jpg.


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Unless I update the post to say so, this package is as listed.  

All parts inside the m11/9 receiver are original.  

The m11/9 accepts the 5.56 upper without modification and no hole is necessary in the m11/9 because it is the internal recoil mechanism model.  I believe Ian (Forgotten Weapons) has a video of this model upper on his M11/9 on his YouTube channel if you want to see how it works.  This upper has not been fired.  

This is the link to the M11/15 upper information and details about it.  


This is the link to the MK2 information and it has the 3 lug option.  It has details on the upper and the rate of fire.




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4 hours ago, bohr said:

what happened to the area on the lower close to the selector switch? looks like it has been welded.

It’s pretty common I think. Probably a ‘86. Mine looks like that also, but only on the safety side. I believe it’s because they took semi-auto lowers and welded up that hole where the semi-auto safety selector would have been. They were trying to beat the ban. 

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17 minutes ago, GunsCarsPlanes said:

TTT for you.

What a cool & complete package.  I've moved from the northeast to IL and I'm moving to IN in 3 months.  I doubt these items will still be available in 3 months but if so I will absolutely get ahold of you.  

Find a dealer where you are moving to and see if he will hold it for you till you have a legal address in Indiana

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