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WTT B&G registered full size Uzi bolt and host


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I've got a very nice full sized Uzi by action arms that was converted with a B&G registered bolt. The B&G bolts are well regarded as some of the best made, and if you know about the Uzi bolts you'll never wear one out. And you don't have to worry about beating up on host weapon, go buy another $900 vector semi, drop this one in and you have a brand new full auto. Comes with a spare barrel, two mags, and the spring you can see. This thing is clean, has been in a climate controlled safe since 93. Will transfer out of Pa, or to a Pa buyer on a F4. Viewings can be set up if you'd like. I'm not really looking for cash on this, but I've got a ton of trade items I'm looking for. I mean you are free to throw me an offer if you'd like, but I'd rather trade. I can add cash or more trade items to some things, some items you'd have to add, most everything is pretty easy to value. I've got lots of feedback from a number of boards and locally.

Either message me or email me at dmiiiconsulting@gmail.com 

Thanks, Donald 

  • HK23e/MM23e host
  • barrett M107a1
  • mac11a1 380(would take a lage upper with it)
  • mac11(again with lage, amp, saber etc)
  • HK sear/trigger box
  • registered AK, would like krink but full stock would work too
  • HK host full sized MP5 
  • HK host MP5SD
  • M16/RDIAS
  • M14
  • Gold, silver, other PM's



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I am a newbie to this forum.. I have been a collector of military weapons for several years now and recently bought my first FA weapon - an M2 Inland carbine - which was a great addition to my M1 carbine collection.   As a result of my first FA experience I attended KCR machine gun shoot this last week with one of my sons and we had an incredible time.. I met some great people.  One of them whose handle is mp40gunner told me about this web site as I told him I was definitely interested in purchasing a SMG.. We talked about several options and I was able to shoot several of them at KCR.  The Uzi was one that came out near the top of the list.  

I share all this to just give you a little background on myself since I am new to this forum, thus would have no history.  I have bought and sold on Gunbroker for years and you can see what my feedback is there - I use the same handle "da98197"

Your listing caught my interest because of the interest in trading. I don't have any of the items you mention except I have junk silver coins that I would be willing to use as trade. I was actually thinking of cashing in some of it to raise the cash to buy a SMG.. Think it might be a better investment long term and certainly a lot more fun to keep!. Would you be willing to consider junk silver for trade?

Forgive any missteps on my part as to the proper way to respond on this forum.. As a newbie, I'm not aware of all the proper informal ways to respond or correspond.. 


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