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WTS: Suppressed SWD Cobray M11/9 w/Lage Kit $12600 shipped

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I bought this Cobray M11/9 as one of over a dozen, brand new, about twenty years ago.  It was purchased from Jim McLoud, who purchased the entire warehouse contents of Sheila and Wayne Daniel's (SWD) manufacturing facility in Marietta, GA.  I don't recall now if the warehouse auction was due to bankruptcy, or IRS or ATF issues, but there were dozens, if not hundreds of these new Cobrays offered at the auction. Jim bought them all.  I kept this one for my personal collection and fitted it with one of Richard Lage's custom upper barreled receivers and an Ace, Ltd. folding stock.  The barrel has the HK style 3 lug muzzle and I'm selling the gun with an HK MP5 3 lug quick detach muzzle break and Gemtech MK9K silencer with the same 3 lug quick attach feature (see pictures).  Also included in the sale are 3 original 30rd. Cobray poly mags and 3 30rd. metal conversion mags (can't remember if they are Madsen or Walther conversions, but function flawlessly), as well as a leather DeSantis Secret Service shoulder holster which holds the SMG and 2 additional 30rd metal mags (plastic mags won't fit), and the original box, paperwork, original Coray barreled upper receiver and a brand new original replacement barrel.  I've owned this gun since it was new and it has sat in my gun safe for the last fourteen years unfired.  Though I never kept a record of the rounds fired through this gun, I am confident that it has been shot less than 500 rounds (probably closer to 300, but definitely under 500).  I will not break the package up.  Will transfer on two eForm 3's which have been clearing in about one week.  Price is $12600, shipped.









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