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Red Cent

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Wouldn't it depend on when the kit was cut? If it was demilled 2 decades ago then it should be legal. 

Not sure if it would be illegal to sell a one cut kit that was demilled at a time it was legal to cut that method. Of course hard part is to determine when it was cut unless they can get a paper trail via receipts. 


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I just read on weaponsguild.com that someone had a single cut receiver.. And they were contacted to give up the cut receiver part, of course they did.

Originally the AFT person told them to give up the whole parts kit but he challenged it and the supervisor said they only need the cut receiver. 

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As with all internet lore I'd guess is there is a lot more to the story?  A single cut receiver is not "readily" restorable, but if you're already bound up on other stuff they're going to try and take it or have you forfeit it.  They didn't actually "need" the cut receiver, half would have been sufficient, but it's likely the guy also wasn't all that educated?  Course if you have a stack of them at age 28, selling them on the net, it's not a good look? 

For the guy that has 20 transferables and 3 saw cut kits, it's not likely to be an issue.


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