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WTB M50 Reising in very good condition


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Good afternoon everybody, I’m currently in the market for a transferable m50 reising in very good condition or above. I’d very much prefer it to be on a eform 3 as I’m heading back north to RI for the summer the first week of July, otherwise I’d have to wait until October to accept delivery.

Thank you kindly-Mathew



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Expanding search/willing to now consider Reisings on a form 4 provided the individual is well known in the NFA community or can have some well known names vouch for them.
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Searching again for a very good to excellent Reising preferably with original bluing or parkerization.

On 5/19/2022 at 1:52 AM, duza9999 said:

I did, I reached out to him this afternoon . However was waiting to get some photos back and was told those were still incoming on a form 4. 

I ended up picking one up from Russ at NFASales after some people attested to his character.

So bought pending transfer, but on the off chance something goes wrong I’ll keep them in mind as a backup.

For now I’ll close this thread.

Thank you kindly everyone.


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On 8/2/2022 at 1:03 PM, Mark Layton said:

I have a like new Reising that fits your description. I bought it new way back when and am the first owner.

It's only had about 100 rounds through it. Call me if still interested. Thanks, Mark Layton (801) 361-7300

Thank you sir, but I actually already found one about 2-3 weeks ago. 
Just forgot to ask for the thread to be closed.-Mathew

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