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Randy Weaver dead at 74

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I met Randy at Hugo's gun show in Bealton, Va back years ago. Before he won his wrongful death suite against the asswipes of the FBI.

The FBI coward, Lon Horuichi, shot Randy's wife in the face while holding his daughter, for those that don't remember the Ruby Ridge siege.

Randy was a nice guy, very talkative.

Fake news loved to call him a separatist, was total b.s..

He was just a guy trying to live a life.

RIP Randy Weaver



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I met him at Knob Creek in October 2000. Purchased and had him autograph his book "The Federal Siege at Ruby Ridge" written by him and his daughter Sara.

My business partner (Bob Burns) had his picture taken with Randy at that show.

May they both rest in peace.

Bob and Randy Weaver KC Oct 2000.jpg

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