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WTB: COBRAY/MAC stuff (holsters, stocks, catalogs, etc)

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I am a collector of ALL things MAC/Cobray (original stuff).  There are currently a few items in particular I’m looking for but I buy anything and everything so if you have any items feel free to contact me.  Here are a few items I’m currently looking for.


original SWD/RPB catalogs

original MAC/Cobray/RPB holsters /leather goods

cobray/MAC/RPB magazine pouches

cobray/MAC/RPB slings

Cobray/MAC/RPB “swat” cases or bags 

M11 or M10 wooden furniture

M11/M10 upper receivers and other components (bolts etc)

I purchase everything so if you have anything MAC/Cobray, unique or commonplace, run it past me!




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On 5/11/2022 at 4:13 PM, davester said:

Did you see my ad for a MAC original covert briefcase?  Texas Travelair  $4,900.00 M11-380 JDG Enterprise

Holy crap! I just found the ad! That has gotta be the crown jewel of any MAC collection!



On 5/11/2022 at 10:55 AM, 3616will said:

Sir- please send me email address I can send pics of two manuals if you are interested. My email is hwbaird@speedrack.net


Hey thanks for the reply! I actually have multiples of all the different manuals already so I’m not currently in the market for anymore but I really appreciate the offer.  If you come across anything else MAC related feel free to run it past me.  Thanks! 

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