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WTS: MAC 10/11 barrels in 9mm, 45, 380 + uppers, 9mm bolt, and some RPB .22 bbls

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Some NOS RPB MAC barrels FS......all have the front shoulder cut for the PS/RPB style strap hanger, and are lightly shopworn from being in a box for 35 years!


5 M-10 .45 bbls (7/8-9 threads).....75.00 shipped ea
3 M-10 9mm bbls (3/4-10 threads).....85.00 shipped ((All Sold))
1 M-11 .380 bbl (5/8-11 threads).....75.00 shipped ((SPF))
At the far (R) is a M-10 9mm and M-11 .380 bbl that had some surface rust which removed nicely, but left a slightly mottled finish.....still unfired....65.00 shipped (both SPF)



2 NOS RPB Stripped M-10 uppers....65.00 shipped ea. ((Both Sold/shipped))
1 NOS PS or RPB(?) 9mm bolt....brand spanking new.....125.00 shipped
(M-11 stock pictured already sold)


RPB threaded .22 barrels.....I'm pretty sure they are 7/16-14
AR-7......75.00 shipped ((SPF))
Hi Standard....75.00 shipped ea ((Both Sold))
Beretta 950 (?)....3 .22's and 1 .25acp .....55.00 shipped ea. (( 2 22's and 1 25 left))

I can combine shipping on more than one.....and may make a deal on multiples if you're interested....and will always listen to reasonable offers.

An I'll take it, followed by a PM and it's yours (pending payment!)

Online payment only.......no more money orders of any type.....

Ad is Cross-posted

Feel free to email/PM any questions...
BobXXXgillXXXiam@hotmail.com  (just remove the XXX's)

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On ‎4‎/‎20‎/‎2016 at 0:14 PM, 66PLY said:

Howdy. Interested In Your M10 9mm Bolt. Need Photo Of Back Side Of Bolt If You Could.      Thanks!    Norb.     

Here ya go.....


 An update with what's left......

All 5 .45 M-10 bbls avail........((4 left))
the M-10 9mm bbl with finish wear...... 55.00 (shipped) (((SPF)))

the M-10 9mm bolt.......125.00 (shipped)

Will take 40.00 ea (shipped)for the threaded beretta and Hi Standard bbls ((Hi Standard all sold.....3 Beretta bbls. left)).

I'm only interested in online payment from here on out.....

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Howdy im back. One more question . Is the M10 bolt stripped or is there a extractor and charging handle detent components installed? Also interested in the beretta barrells one 22 cal and one 25 cal.   Thanks Norb.

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Last bump to the top.....


I have 2 M10/45 bbls left, 2 Beretta 22 bbls, and 1 Beretta 25 bbl. (((SPF)))

I'll take 100 (shipped) for all 3 Beretta bbls, and 100 (shipped) for both m10 bbls (((SPF)))



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