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Some No law letter post samples.


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Letting go of the Sot selling off these post samples with no law letter. 
1) Israeli Mag 58 post sample build. Feeds both DM1 and M13 . Full Israeli markings for those that care. 1 barrel, Flash hider was off for cleaning forgot to put it on before pictures. 
Additional pictures or info message me. 20,000$   17,500$  SPF
2) Semi auto Mg13 Host with post sample trigger pack. 10 Magazines, Spare lower and other small parts included. Has a booster to run all 8mm including the weak us spec stuff. Been a crowd favorite with all the history folks. 13,000$   10,000$ Ill keep it for any less. 
3) Sten shorty. 9mm, ugly as hell priced accordingly. Comes with 5 magazines sold.

4) polish dpm. 762x54r. Original barrel, This needs a few more weld clean ups and re blued. It's been test fired , Ran 200 rounds thru it. I just don't have the time I thought to finish beautifying the old girl. Comes with 1mag. 2000$   1300$Mag.jpg






dpm polish.jpg

dpm polish 2.jpg

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