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How to inform ATF that I am not renewing my SOT

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I sold my gun shop in July, 2018.  I've kept my SOT active because the individual who bought my store claimed that he would get his SOT to purchase the NFA inventory I had on hand.  Nearly three years later, he still hasn't come through and I'm tired of waiting him out.  My question is:  How do I inform ATF that I will not be renewing my SOT this July?  I need some type of written documentation so that I can submit it when I sell the few Post-86 samples that I have without the need of a CLEO love letter.  Can some RKI give me some guidance as to how to proceed?  Any information would be much appreciated.  Thank you...  - Chris K         P.S.  I have been, and will continue to post those items I am selling prior to giving up my SOT on the NFA Market Board.  Please do not contact me with offers to purchase items in advance...keep your eyes on the NFA Market Board for available inventory as I list them...

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