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I sold my retail shop in July of 2018.  The buyer was going to apply for his SOT,  so he could buy my NFA inventory but never followed through.  Therefore, I am offering the following six short barrelled firearms for sale as a lot.  Will not divide individually. All will be sold through e-Forms, Form 3's.  $2,750 for entire package includes shipping:

SIG SWAT 556 Clone:  New, never fired. Converted from SIG P556 pistol by White Mountains Firearms. SIG quad-rail, folding/collapsible stock. 9.5" barrel w/ Yankee Hill Machine QD flash     hider, front folding blade sight, SIG Diopter rear sight, 3 new SIG  magazines, original SIG paperwork and tactical soft sided carry case. Chambered in 5.56mm.

Remington 870 MCS - LE System:  NIB, as received from Remington (product LM012202).  11" barrel w/ door breacher flash hider, Knoxx Special Ops NRS collapsible stock. All factory         included paperwork and soft sided tactical bag w/ 7 shell side saddle and included sling (never mounted). 12 Gauge chamber.

Mossberg 590:  Used for local police demo only, no box.  As spec'd for US military contract (model 50689). 13.5" barrel with Hi-Viz ramp front sight, adjustable ghost ring rear sight.  Speed feed fixed stock.  12 Gauge chamber.

Ithaca Model 37:  Used.  Two line engraving on right side of receiver "UNION P.D. / UNION, N.J."  This model has an almost cult-like following.  Original Model 37 design allows "slam fire" feature (depress trigger and work action for multiple round firing). Bottom shell ejection allows unrestricted operation by left or right hand shooters. 13" barrel with red dot front sight.  Choate Machine pistol grip stock. Wood corn cob. Unusual "stand plate" allows gun to be placed on flat surface standing up (not lying on it's side).  12 Gauge chamber.

Mossberg 500 AOW:  NIB.  Converted from Mossberg Perssuader (model 50440) by Mt. Washington Armory. 14.75" barrel with heat shield.  Pistol grip.  All factory paperwork. 12 Gauge.

Mossberg 500 AOW:  NIB.  Converted from Mossberg Persuader by Mt. Washington Armory. 14.75" barrel.  All factory paperwork. Chambered in 20 Gauge.

Thanks for looking....  - Chris K





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