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Refinishing Sub Guns


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I would really appreciate some recommendations on who can parkerize / chrome my IMI UZI hosts (I have a registered bolt). As absurd as it sounds I was wanting to refinish one flashy and just do a re-park on the other. 

I live in Tulsa, OK and would prefer someone within driving distance but any advice or recommendations are very much appreciated.  Thank you STRUM community!

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11 hours ago, Navgunner said:

Thank you for the recommendation, RYO! Unfortunately, on their website they don’t list any services for steel (only aluminum). 

Contact them. They do more than they list if I remember correctly.

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4 hours ago, AZK Brock said:

 @BWE Firearms

bwe firearms , they do a lot of uzi specific work & according to his website he can repark the whole gun for $250 

Richard at BWE is a stand up guy and a professional with respect to all things UZI and S&W 76.  Unfortunately, he is going through some really challenging times with the recent loss of his wife and cancer diagnosis. I sincerely ask anyone who is able to support his youtube channel and possibly go a bit further and donate a few dollars to the Hoffman family via his website. 

AZK Brock -  Agreed, BWE is one of the best. 

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