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For Sale: Mossberg 590A1 SBS Shotguns (Multiple)

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TWO REMAIN: Very last photo depicts those exact guns and their condition. Going fast, it would seem!

Greetings, all! We've received another lot of police trade-in Mossberg 590A1 Pump-Action Shotguns in SBS format. All of these are SBS, Short Barrel Shotguns. All have flashlight integrated forends/racker units except for one in standard corn-cob forend. Most have Magpul furniture stocks. All have side saddle shotshell holders, most have ghost-ring rear sights with side protector shields. Some still have cruiser/unit decal stickers on the stocks.

Some could use cleaning and care; no rust nor corrosion is present however these have finish wear and a few have dings and scratches. These aren't showroom guns, these rode around in the back of cruisers and they show it quite plainly.

NOTE: These racker forend units are known to loosen some after years of use. Occasionally, you may need to re-tighten them to ensure the action can travel far enough forward for proper lockup. One or two of these may need that slight tuning. The gun is still functional, it is not defective. All of these firearms were function-checked. Worked with authority, they fed, cycled and ejected properly.

$450 Shipped each to the Lower 48 states; $450 + Shipping Cost each for all others. Questions and inquiries are welcomed on the thread or via PM but if you'd like to purchase one please send me a PM and have your information ready, not just a "I'll take it," and we can begin steps to get these into your hands for some fun!

All remaining shotguns have wear on the pressure pad; the pad functions but the neoprene cover is torn or missing. All are older surefire light setups with forends except the lonesome OEM style corncob forend. Will update photos soon to reflect what is left, had a lot of interest in these!

Thank you!

Mossberg SBS Lot 4.13.22 1.jpg

Mossberg SBS Lot 4.13.22 2.jpg

Mossberg SBS Lot 4.13.22 3.jpg

Mossberg SBS Lot 4.13.22 4.jpg

Mossberg SBS Lot 4.13.22 5.jpg

Mossberg SBS Lot 4.13.22 6.jpg

Mossberg SBS Lot 4.13.22 7.jpg

Mossberg SBS Lot 4.13.22 8.jpg

Mossberg SBS Lot 4.13.22 9.jpg

Mossberg SBS Lot 4.13.22 10.jpg

Mossberg SBS Lot 4.13.22 10.jpg

Edited by Vance Outdoors Inc
Updated Shipping terms to reflect accurate cost for lower 48 states, available styles of items and styles sold out...
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