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WTB: FULLY transferrable m16 conversion or ar15


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Hello -

If you are still interested, I bet I have just what you are looking for - I actually have TWO full-auto M16/AR15s (modified) on Form 4s in New Mexico!  Both are in excellent condition, with one gun (Palmetto Armory) never fired at all since I bought it in 1999, and the other gun (Bushmaster/EA) has only been fired less than 200 rounds in the last 21 years - truly "safe queens"!  Both are priced at $24K, ~ 15% below current prices from well-known dealers, and there is NO TAX, typically 7 - 10%, depending upon where you live; that could translate to a potential savings of ~ $2,000.  However, I am a private citizen, not a business, so I am unable to take a credit card in payment.  I understand your concern regarding my identity and validity, especially when such a considerable sum is involved. If you would be agreeable, I'm sure we could set up an escrow arrangement between our respective banks with terms to be agreed upon mutually.  That will entail some negotiations and probably a fee to each bank.   Or such an escrow might also be possible with our respective FFL transfer agents - we would have to ask.   Please PM me for lots more information (photos and text), and to let me know if you have actually received this message or not.  

Ray Melton    rfmelton@msn.com    (575)642-3151

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Hello lessrahkmin -

Please let me know if you received my message above from a couple weeks ago. Just say, "Thanks anyway, but I insist on using a credit card" or "Okay, let's see what you have, and we'll see if there's a way to make it work."

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