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WTS: HORNADY DGS .375 HH MAG 300GR, 20RD/BOX, $94.99

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Hornady Dangerous Game 375 H&H Magnum, 300gr DGS Solid, 20 Round Box

Hornady manufactures Dangerous Game Series ammunition with only the finest components, under strict quality control measures. Our classic bullet designs are tailored to meet the needs of the serious safari hunter.

We use techniques and processes that rival hand loads, with the ultimate goal of making every cartridge accurate, deadly and dependable!

DGS Bullets
The DGS non-expanding bullet is recommended for thick-skinned game such as elephant, rhino and hippo. Its tough copper clad steel jacket is designed to provide maximum penetration from all angles on thick-skinned and heavy boned dangerous game animals.

Powders are carefully matched to each load to ensure optimum pressure and velocity, and to regulate in double rifles. Some of our Dangerous Game Series loads feature Superformance propellant technology.

Case and Primer
Like all Hornady ammunition, our Dangerous Game ammunition uses the highest quality cases and primers available. Consistent components translate to consistent shooting in the field.

Brand or Manufacturer: Hornady
Model or Type: Dangerous Game Series (DGS)
Cartridge: .375 H&H Magnum
Bullet Weight: 300 Grains
Muzzle Velocity: 2530 Feet Per Second
Energy: 4263 Foot Pounds
Ballistic Coefficient G1: .275
Test Barrel: 24 Inch
Sectional Density: .305
Usage: Large Game, Dangerous Game
Case Type: Brass
Primer Type: Boxer
Corrosive: No
Package Quantity: 20rd Per Box

HORNADY DGS .375 HH MAG 300GR, 20RD/BOX, $94.99

Thanks for looking and happy shooting!
RTG Parts
931 Frank St.
Sheridan, WY 82801
Phone: 307-675-1191
Email: darwin@rtgparts.com

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