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WTS: Post Sample Factory Galil SAR $1000ea


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We have for sale a lot of Galil SAR machine guns at $1000ea. These are all in good condition. We will have the FTZ select only the best for Post Samples. Israel is sold out of these if you want one this is your last chance. Keep in mind you can only import one. These are in a FTZ and you will have to be a class 3 dealer with a valid LE or Government Demo letter to acquire one. Were going to give y'all a chance if you need some for some demos or your local department is on a tight budget here is a chance to buy gun at a deal price. If you have a Government agency or PD that needs multiple we can provide a price break. Also have plenty of extra mags to the buyers of these weapons all guns will come with one factory magazine. If you want one don't wait long as the rest will be cut into parts kits. We will take a Business Check,Wire Transfer Or CC with 3% added All Major Credit Cards.  ALL NFA RULES Apply!!!


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