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I sold my retail gun shop in July, 2018.  The inidividual who bought it said that he was going to get his SOT and buy what remained of my NFA inventory.  I have kept my FFL/SOT for the past three years hoping he would get off his rear and apply for his SOT...but now I am tired of waiting and ready to sell most of my NFA items.  Here, I am offering a lot of 30 assorted suppressors. Six are AAC models, eight are GemTech, four are YHM, three are SIG, two are Ruger, two are TBAC, one each SilencerCo, Tactical Solutions, JRW, Bowers Group, and Coastal Gun.  All but three are new (the three used cans were shop demo units and have seen very limited use).  I paid a total of $12,172 at distributor/manufacturer pricing for these units.  Please contact me at thekanzlers@yahoo.com to receive a spreadsheet outlining the manufacturer/model and pricing of the suppressors.  At $6,000, the average price per can is $200...leaving plenty of room for some decent profit making.  All items will transfer on Form 3 through ATF eForms.  Offer only available to current FFL/SOT holders.  I will not separate the lot...don't ask.  I will pay shipping.

Thanks for looking...


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