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Machine Gun Brothers Inc in florida

Gene jerome

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I am the owner of the corporation machine gun brothers inc. down in florida and i have see a post on here about a resent website that is supposedly mine. Machingunstore.com this is not my site and is fraudulent. They stole my personal information that is public access and used it on this site. I have just recently found this site two days ago. Ive already spoke to local police to file a report and spoke to atf to try and get the site pulled down, in which there working on it . My 07 ffl is not even active anymore ,i had to surrender it because of a zoning issue with my place of business in the county in which i live. So please no one purchase anything from this site or theres a pretty good chance your gonna lose your money and not receive whatever you order. Also i dont want to be meeting up in my front yard over someone losing there money that I don’t have. 

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