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WTT/WTS Norinco type 81 full stock rifle in 223 / EM355

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Extremely rare in the USA , Norinco manufactured type 81 semi auto rifle in 223 caliber. The Type 81 incorporates elements of the Dragunov, SKS, and AK series of rifles. The rifle retains the general layout of the Chinese Type 56 assault rifle, but it has an SKS-like short-stroke gas-piston design and other improvements to reduce recoil and muzzle jump, giving better firing accuracy. The official designation is EM355 and there were only 3 examples of type 81 rifles in 223 caliber ever imported into the USA (1 under folder , 1 side folder, 1 full stock version) and presented for the approval of the BATF. This is a full stock version with a beautiful furniture and deep commercial grade blued finish on major metal components. The gun is in excellent shape and looks unfired (besides factory ). It comes with 1 magazine, sling, cleaning rod and cleaning kit ( still in a buttstock ). More pictures on request.

Interested in trades . Looking for  Beretta AR70 , Valmet m78 in 223, early semi auto battle rifles, black widow luger, Mexican Obregon pistol, Swiss ZFK55, class 3 C&R lmgs or early smgs.

$25K trade/sale value. Shipping  to your FFL by USPS  from PA.



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Still available
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