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Machine Guns For Sale

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Jeff Koch of Missouri, Dallas, and DC passed away about 3 years ago. He not only believed in the Freedoms that we hold dear but helped promote them. He moved to DC from Dallas to work as Chief of Staff of the then Dallas area US Congressman. He stayed in DC to work in various positions under the Bush and Trump administrations.  He left behind his wife and unborn daughter Emelia who has just turned 3.  I am helping his widow liquidate his collection of 20 machine guns . I intend to help Patty and Emelia realize the best value for his collection whether here on Sturm or other avenues. I will not be making any commission from these sales and payment will be made directly to her. I will take possession, clean, assess, photograph, and set pricing in the next few weeks. There are some interesting accessories as well that will be offered to the buyer of the associated firearms first.

Prices are OBO      All will go- efile Form 3

M16-A1 Transferable Excellent $35,000 

(3) Consecutive NIB M11-9 only (1) has been opened $11,000 each prefer to sell all to same buyer













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Jeff Koch was a quality individual and a great guy.  I purchased an SWD M11/9 from him in 1998. I remember seeing those boxes as it was one of the ones that preceded the SNs of the ones being sold now!  Jeff impressed me as I was new to NFA at that time and he spent time with me to teach me some important things (like how not to shoot your hand off if you don't have a suppressor....LOL). I am saddened to hear he is gone.

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