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wts REMARKABLE 08 Maxim Belt-Fed Machinegun - PICS


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1 46642 FULL RT FRONT QTR.jpgThe highest quality, cleanest and most perfect MG08 Maxim this Seller has ever seen. This is his personal Maxim, acquired in 2004. The Seller has put no more than 500 rounds through it in nearly two decades of ownership. Everything about this gun is beautiful. Manufactured in 1918 by D.W.M. in Berlin. Other than barrel and lock, all main components have matching serial numbers. Request a video of it shooting. Includes full four piece set of armor, including the Water Jacket Front Surface Armor Plate, the full-length water jacket armor, the Inner Armor Shield that fits within the sled mount and the enormous heavy shield that protects the machine gunner. If you are serious about adding this Maxim to your collection, request more photos and videos of it shooting. I do not know how to distinguish if this armor is original or a reproduction.  It came with the Maxim in 2004. Set up, this is an awesome centerpiece for any museum, private collection, den or living room. Mounted on a 1917 dated sled mount in superb condition with one anomaly: the two oil containers mounted on the sled mount were never threaded for caps. This was an original mistake, made during manufacturing. Duplicate caps have been modified to fit and look fine. When this mount was used in the field, it did not have caps for its two oil containers. Maybe that is why the sled mount is in such good condition – it was not fielded! The sled mount includes all of its supplemental parts and tools: an extra Maxim barrel in excellent condition, two fine Maxim locks, cartridge tongs and chamber cleaning tool. All four upholstered pads on this sled mount have their original leather! Everything about this is beautiful. If you want one of the best MG08 Maxims that can be found in America, this is your choice. Includes these accessories: original ZF12 telescopic sight - fully operational with excellent optics, in original leather case, an original 08 Maxim wooden ammo carrying box, beautiful Gurtfuller 16 belt reloading set which has all matching serial numbers, 2545. (Very hard to find), in the original Kasten box for the Gurtfuller 16. Also includes one original 250-round cloth belt dated March 1918, plus a Swiss Maxim 250-round belt with metal links for ease in hand-loading. 

Also includes:

Chamber cleaning tool with cleaning patch box as part of the sled mount

Cartridge case tongs

Disassembly wrench

Anti-aircraft adapter for the sled mount

Anti-aircraft foresight and rear sight (rare and original)

Combination hammer/spanner

Cartridge retrieval tongs

Broken shell extractor

Muzzle gland for MG08 barrel, allowing slower rate of fire than when using the Muzzle          gland/booster assembly with flash hider

Steam Hose

1916 water chest with spout

            Blank firing attachment in its original container

            Extra Muzzle/flash hider assembly in soaking can


Included in this grouping is an original (extremely rare) Machine Gunner’s Individual Chest Armor, a battle field recovery with five bullet holes. Also included is an ULTRA-RARE MAXIM DIAL SIGHT, used for long range indirect fire.  Dolf Goldsmith told me the only Maxim Dial sight he ever saw, was the one he photographed in a museum, see page 312 of The Devil’s Paintbrush.  Dolf’s statement confirms this item’s rarity.  If you do not have a copy, Dolf Goldsmith’s masterful study of the Maxim machinegun: The Devil’s Paintbrush, will provide hours of interesting information.


It has taken me years to accumulate the unique accessories that accompany this Maxim machine gun. If you want one of the best, and if you want to save the enormous amount of time and work assembling your own set of such accessories, this is your choice. C&R and Fully Transferable.   $40,000

sales@fullautoclassics.com  or (575) 405-0911.  Thank you. 


The thrill is in shooting a machine gun that is one hundred years old.  You don’t just stick in a magazine, cock it and pull the trigger, like it’s an M11-9.  You have to know how it works.  You have to have studied it, taken it apart and put it back together, read about it.  You have to understand that machine gun that has lasted a century,… waiting for you.



2 46642 left front .jpg

3 46642 left receiver.jpg

4 46642 ACCESSORIES.jpg

5 46642 INDIRECT FIRE & ZF-12.jpg

6 46642 indirect rear.jpg

7 46642 BELT FILLER.jpg


9 46642 left full with shield.jpg

10 46642 RT BACK HALF.jpg

11 46642 top cover ID.jpg

12 46642 REC RT.jpg

13 46642 08 ANTI-AIRCRAFT SIGHTS.jpg


15 46642 water jacket front.jpg

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