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Portuguese/Sudanese AR-10 parts wanted


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Yeah, welcome to the cut throat world of Dutch AR-10 stuff.

If it makes you feel any better, he didn't get top price for it, 1) Because HHollow never ever pays top price, ever and 2) I didn't know it was for sale. ;-) People think they are being clever selling stuff like this somewhere other than GB and not paying a %'age but the fact of the matter is, THAT is where you reach the widest audience and for something like a Dutch AR10 parts set, the seller probably got thousands less from the deal than he would have with more competition for it.

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I have a few Dutch AR10 parts that I am looking to sell. Portuguese, Sudanese  and Guatemalan.

Including two complete uppers with barrel bolt and handguards. Hollywood bolt carrier. Original new butt plates for the Sudan and Guat. Triggers and mag release buttons and wood handguards and stock with buffer and tube and spring. Many other small parts. Just cleaning house.


I have pics but have no idea how to post them on this website. So please email me if interested. Essbros@hotmail.com

Troy Ess


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Complete uppers 1-Porto and the other looks Porto but is Guatemalan (fits on the Guat. pre-may sample guns). $3k each
Dust cover and spring $200 ****SOLD***
Butt plates new $200 each with original aluminum screws
Pistol grips 2-Porto or 1-Sudan $150 each
Bolt carriers 1-Porto and 1- rare Hollywood Proto Type (when gas tube was on the side) $500 each
original Porto barrel $1,000
Gas tube $150
buffer, spring and buffer tube with wood stock $300
Return spring $50
Hand Guard retaining ring $50
Rear Sight assembly Porto $100
Wood hand guards $100
butt stock sling attachments 2-Porto and 1- Sudan $100 each
Trigger guard   2 at  $100 each
Triggers 3 at $150 each 
Bolt release $100 ****SOLD****
Mag release Buttons $50 each
Mag release assembly $100
Or all for $9,500
Also have 2 semi auto rifles for sale if interested 1- Porto (on a Sendra receiver) and 1- Sudan (on H&H receiver)with Bipod  $9k each
Troy Ess 612-309-1500 Text or email for pics essbros@hotmail.com
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