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Large list of no letter post samples, Dillion M134Ti, sale and trade


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Have a number of no law letter post samples we are helping move. Some not on the list, have a couple of AUG’s and stuff. Open to most trades, transferable machine guns, pre may, post samples, machine gun parts kits, m60 parts, mini gun parts, 240 and 249 parts. Also gold, silver and crypto. Can send photos to interested parties. These will be efiled once payment or trades clear.



Dillion M134 with a Ti housing-this isn’t one you see often, everything is Dillion besides the rotor as that is the registered part, we imported this one and about the only way to ever get one. $250,000

AUG standard 16” takes aug mags-$7500

GE mini gun-factory gun, good running-$(145,000)sold

rest are on the list. 






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