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WTS: Trans IMI Micro Uzi/Uzi Pistol, Norrell Conv.


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For sale is a very nice, very slightly used IMI Uzi Pistol/Micro Uzi machinegun. The Micro is the rarest and least seen of the Uzi family on the transferable market and this is a very nice example.  This is a John Norrell conversion from around 1984 and fires from the closed bolt.  The bolt is registered as a "machinegun conversion kit." This firearm came from the estate of a good friend in 2017.  Two of the Norrell 10/22's from the estate were sold on Sturm in 2018 and this is the final piece from the estate.  It is in very good condition and has seen very little actual usage since he bought it from Norrell in 84-85.  It has a MAC style thread coupler attached to the barrel (I believe it's 1/2x28 threaded under the adaptor but I haven't verified).  It does run slightly slower than most of the open bolt Micros I've had experience with...just realize the operative word is "slightly" as it's still a little bullet hose.  I have test fired this machinegun only a few times in the several years I've had it and it runs the variety of weights and brands I've tested it with flawlessly.  My original intention was to install a Micro Uzi side folding stock, one of my company's titanium cans, and sell it as a package... I never got around to doing so and would rather just liquidate it at this point.  I did purchase a Micro stock from Title II Sales but seem to have misplaced it; if I find it I will include it now or in the future to the buyer.

It will include 1x25 round mag and 3x32 round mags. 

I have a video of it firing for those interested.

This item is on a Form 3 at my business: ARMTAC Suppressors in Arkansas and will transfer out thru Eforms.  Buyer is responsible for shipping/insurance cost.








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